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The Geophysical Society of Pittsburgh is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the science of geophysics in the Appalachian Basin. We are an official section of the Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG). Monthly meetings are generally held from September to May on the first Tuesday of each month at various locations around the Greater Pittsburgh area. However, be sure to check the event calendar as exceptions to this rule occur often. All interested parties are encouraged to attend.

September 11 GSP Meeting

Cefalo’s Restaurant     DIRECTIONS

Carnegie, PA


Seismic reservoir characterization of Utica-Point Pleasant shale – a case study
Satinder Chopra, TGS

Utica shale is one of the major source rocks in Ohio and extends across much of eastern US. Its organic richness, high content of calcite, and development of extensive organic porosity makes it a perfect unconventional play and has gained attention of oil and gas industry. The primary target zone in the Utica includes Utica, Point Pleasant, and Trenton intervals. In the present study, we attempt to identify the sweet-spots within the Point-Pleasant interval using 3D seismic data, available well data, and other relevant data. This has been done by READ MORE

Speaker Biography: Satinder Chopra, TGS, Satinder Chopra has 34 years of experience as a geophysicist specializing in processing, reprocessing, special processing, and interactive interpretation of seismic data. He has rich experience in processing various types of data such as vertical seismic profiling, well-log data, seismic data, etc., as well as excellent communication skills, as evidenced by the many presentations and talks delivered and books, reports, and papers he has written. He has been the 2010–2011 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer, the 2011– 2012 AAPG/SEG Distinguished Lecturer, and the 2014–2015 EAGE e-Distinguished Lecturer. He has published eight books and more than 400 papers and abstracts and likes to make presentations at any beckoning opportunity. His work and presentations have won several awards, the most notable ones being the EAGE Honorary Membership (2017), CSEG Honorary Membership (2014) and Meritorious Service (2005) Awards, 2014 APEGA Frank Spragins Award, the 2010 AAPG George Matson Award, and the 2013 AAPG Jules Braunstein Award, SEG Best Poster Awards (2007, 2014), CSEG Best Luncheon Talk Award (2007), and several others. His research interests focus on techniques that are aimed at the characterization of reservoirs. He is a member of SEG, CSEG, CSPG, EAGE, AAPG, and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).



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