Talks through time. (Current through January 2018)


Month Year Lecture
October 2010 Processing and Analysis of a 3D-3C Dataset over the Marcellus in Bradford County
November 2010 Seismic Prospection in Shales:Integrating Seismic Data to Extract Rock Properties 
December 2010 Seismic application in the Marcellus shale play
January 2011 Oil and Gas Finders Unite!
February 2011 The Promises and Pitfalls of Microseismic
March 2011 Analysis of a 3D-3C dataset for fracture related anisotropy over the Marcellus shale in Bradford County
April 2011 Spectral Decomposition Iso-Frequency Analyusis for Porosity Characterization in Carbonates
May 2011 The Case for Depth Imaging All 3D Data: Complex Thrust Belts to Low Relief Resource Plays
September 2011 Is there a place for non seismic exploration in unconventional resoure plays?
October  2011 A Case Study: The Vaulue of Seismic Data in the Marcellus Shale Play
November 2011 Practical Seismic Petrophysics: The Effective Use of Log Data for Seismic Analysis 
December 2011 Closure Stress Gradient Estimation of the Marcellus Shale form Seismic
January 2012 Rank - Reduction - Based 5D trace interpolation
February 2012 Microseismic Monitoring during shale field Development 
April 2012 The use of Seismic Emission Tomography (SET) for the Direct Mapping of Frac-Induced Fracture Nestweorks and their Connection to the Natural Permeability Field
September  2012 SEG/AAPG Distinguished Lecturer : Shales and Imposters: Understanding Shales, Organics, and Self-resourcing Rocks
October  2012 3-D Vertical Seismic Profiling: Improvements in Structural Imaging, Les Nutt, PhD, Schlumberger  - Meeting to be at the Penn Brewery, 800 Vinial Street, Pittsburgh 
November 2012 2 Sweeps or not 2 Sweeps; That is the Question
December 2012 Unlocking the Potential of Appalachia
January 2013 Latest Developments in Seismic Waveform Attribute Analysis for Subsurface Structure and Facies Interpretation: Application to Central Appalachian Basin
February 2013 Using Multi-Focusing 3D Diffraction Imaging to Predict Fracture Swarms in Unconventional Reservoirs 
March 2013 Near-Surface Solutions in Seismic Processing
April 2013 Case Study on Artemas Storage Field: Structural Clarity with State of the Art 3D Seismic, Bedford Co., PA & Allegany Co., MD.
May 2013  Optimizing Subsurface Imaging using 5D Interpolation in the Marcellus Shale: Brookside 3D Study, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania 
September  2013 Directing a Marcellus Shale Drilling Program using High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data
October  2013 Acquision Modeling: Expect the Unexpected 
November 2013 Geophysically Driven Reservoir Modeling for Improved Estimation of SRV and its Validation with Microseismic and Reservoir Simulation. A Marcellus Shale Example
December 2013 A case history of integrating 3D seismic with completions data and microseismic for fracturing a tight carbonate reservoir
January 2014 The Shell-NEOS neoPROSPECTOR Project in Tioga County, North-Eastern Pennsylvania:Use of Remote Sensing Technologies to Detect Surface and Near-Surface Stray Gas Occurrence and Potential Migration Pathways 
February 2014 Relative Permeability in La Luna Formation (Colombia) using Digital Rock Physics
March 2014 4D Microseismic – Interpreting microseismic data for engineering integration
April 2014 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake at Maule, Chile: the Geodetic Emergency Response
May 2014 Kink Band Genesis in the Appalachian Basin:A Structural and Geomechanical Interpretation
September  2014 Modified Curvature Analysis to Quantify Strain within the Marcellus Shale
October  2014 SEG/AAPG Distinguished Lecturer 3D Seismic Image Processing for Interpretation of Faults and Horizons 
November 2014 Microseismic Geomechanics of Hydraulic Fracture Networks
December 2014 Unconventional Reservoirs: Integrating surface seismic, microseismic, mineralogy and rock properties in the Haynesville Shale
January 2015 Induced and Triggered Seismicity: Fundamentals, New Observations and Challenges
February 2015 Hard Rock AVO Theory and Practice
March 2015 Recent Trends in Design and Acquisition
April 2015 Earthquake Fingerprint Scanning to Help Discern Induced Seismicity 
May 2015 Marcellus Fracture Characterization Using P-Wave Azimuthal Velocity Attributes; Comparison with Production and Outcrop Data
September  2015 Appalachian Basin 3D Seismic Acquisition What Have We Learned after 12 Surveys?
October 2015 Surface Microseismic: How Many Events Are Enough? 
November 2015 Concepts and applications of imaging with multiples and primaries
December 2016 Microseismic Driven Reservoir Modeling: a validated workflow
January  2016 Marcellus Shale PSDM Case Study – Improved Structural Imaging and Rock Properties
February 2016 More from Less, A New Concept in 3D Design and Future Applications in the Appalachian Basin
March 2016 P-P Prestack Azimuthal Amplitudes: comparison of P-P azimuth-blind AVA to azimuth-dependent AVA
April 2016 Unsupervised Neural Analysis of Seismic Attributes to find the “Sweet Spots” in your data – with Conventional and Unconventional Case Histories
May 2016 A New Three-Dimensional Look at Faulting on Seismic Data
September 2016 Structural Origin of Henderson Dome: Stratigraphic & Geophysical Study of an Upper Ordovician Impact Crater
October 2016 Mapping Reservoir Stress Conditions using Hydraulic Fracturing Microseismicity
November 2016 Maximizing Recoverable Reserves in Tight Reservoirs Using Geostatistical Inversion from 3D Seismic: A Case Study from The Powder River Basin, USA
December 2016 Subsalt Imaging: Snapshots in Time, Reflections, and Next Steps
January  2017 Comparison of Geomechanics of the Microseismic Response in Organic Shales of West Virginia and west Texas
February 2017 Advanced Reflection Seismic Analysis: Pre-stack and post-stack seismic attribute, AVO, and inversion (Model, Colored, Sparse Spike, and Neural Network) methods,  application to exploration and reservoir monitoring, application to exploration and enhanced oil recovery
March 2017 The Significance of Bedding Planes to Hydraulic Fracturing and Production
April 2017 Topic: Induced Seismicity and the Pennsylvania State Seismic Network PASEIS
May 2017 Cracking The Code: Fracture Detection Without Anisotropy
September 2017 Geophysics and its Role in Appalachian Basin Oil and Gas Exploration and Development
October  2017 Seismic-Based Porosity Prediction in the Silurian Niagaran Formation Reefs of Northern Michigan: An Integrated Case Study
November 2017 Hilbert Transform of the Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Fiber Optic Data for the Marcellus Shale
December 2017 Effective Constraint of RTA Models Utilizing Microseismicity Derived Flow Attributes
January 2018 January 10th GSP Luncheon Roundtable Discussion: Basement influenced structuring of the Utica/ Point Pleasant

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